Employers' Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is the difference between InsureLinx and Renaissance EZPayIns?

Renaissance EZPayIns is a proprietary workers' compensation "platform" off ering numerous regional and national insurance companies pay-as-you-go workers' compensation billing products and workers' compensation educational resources. Renaissance EZPayIns is available to employers only from independent insurance agencies affi liated with Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services, LLC. InsureLinx is a Renaissance Alliance strategic partner and the leading software vendor for pay-asyou-go premium data processing and collection among all parties to the EZPayIns process.

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A. My current payroll service off ers pay-as-you-go workers' compensation through one of their agents. What are the advantages of placing my workers' compensation pay-asyou- go policy with a Renaissance EZPayIns independent agent?

You can have the best of both worlds by continuing with your current payroll service and better managing your workers' compensation premium payments with EZPayIns. Unlike payroll services, independent insurance agents off ering Renaissance EZPayIns are local businesspeople whose entire careers, knowledge, and expertise are devoted to providing you with insurance and business solutions for your entire company. Payroll services that sell insurance often represent just one insurance company's products and their primary business is payroll processing. Renaissance member independent agents represent many regional and national insurance companies. When it comes to workers' compensation or any other major business insurance, only independent agents can provide you the maximum freedom of choice and competitive products combined with local service from someone who understands your business and caters to your company's individual needs.

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A. Are there any setup or administration fees for EZPayIns?

Yes, for some insurance companies. Your independent insurance agent will provide you with this information and explain any fees associated with whichever workers' compensation insurance proposal you choose to accept. All fees will be either processed with your first pay period ACH (Automated Clearing House) withdrawal or spread out over the number of pay periods in your payroll cycles. You will always be advised of the amount of administration fees via an email notification prior to your scheduled ACH withdrawal dates.

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A. How will I know the best method of providing InsureLinx/EZPayIns with my payroll data?

After you have completed your initial online EZPayIns registration and your workers' compensation policy details have been entered into your EZPayIns account, a Customer Service Representative will guide you through the process, discuss your various options for updating pay period data, and assist you in determining the most effi cient and accurate method to report your payrolls.

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A. How can I access and review my EZPayIns reported payrolls and premium calculations?

Upon accepting a Renaissance EZPayIns workers' compensation proposal from your independent agent, you will be asked to provide contact information for your primary authorized employee to be given access to your company's EZPayIns account. A complete history of all your reported payrolls and premium calculations is available 24 hours daily to authorized representatives from your company via the secure Renaissance EZPayIns portal at www.EZPayIns.com. The first time your designated employee signs into the portal he/she will be instructed how to set a personal password for access to your account.

When completing the initial EZPayIns registration your primary authorized employee will also register the names and contact information for up to three additional employees, as appropriate. These are employees who may be individually responsible for the management of various aspects of your workers' compensation program. They will include your payroll processing supervisor, the person accountable for you company's billing and banking issues, and the person who manages your company's insurance programs including the assignment of employees to their appropriate workers' compensation classifications.

As soon as this information is completed, each additional authorized EZPayIns contact from your company will be sent an email invitation to log into the EZPayIns customer portal, establish their personal passwords for access to your EZPayIns account, and/or occasionally be asked to respond to policy related requests. Additional employees may be given access to your EZPayIns account only by your designated authorized EZPayIns account contact person. To protect the privacy of your EZPayIns payroll and workers' compensation data, passwords should never be shared or communicated in correspondence or via email.

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A. How are my premiums calculated each pay period?

The total cost of a workers' compensation policy includes a combination of statutory policy fees and specific rates per $100 of employee payroll based upon workers' compensation class codes assigned to every employee. Class code rates vary significantly and are dependent upon how hazardous each occupation is determined to be by insurance companies. The class code rates on your insurance policy, statutory policy fees, and any additional policy charges or credits (i.e. your experience modification factor) all contribute to the calculation of a “net rate" factor. These net rate factors are applied to your total employee payroll amounts for each class code to determine your premium due every time your payroll is processed.

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A. If I use a payroll service, does my payroll service calculate and pay my premiums each pay period?

No, they do not. Premiums are calculated by InsureLinx, the pay-as-you-go partner of EZPayIns. InsureLinx will send you an email detailing the calculation of your premium upon receiving your payroll report from either you or your payroll service. InsureLinx processes your authorized ACH premium withdrawal from your bank account within 24 hours of receiving your payroll report each pay period.

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A. Do my EZPayIns premiums have to be withdrawn from the same bank account I use for my payroll accounting?

No. When you execute your EZPayIns ACH withdrawal agreement you may designate any bank account for withdrawals of your workers' compensation premiums.

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A. Will I be notified how much premium has been deducted from my bank account each pay period?

Yes, you will receive an advance email notification from EZPayIns each time your premiums are calculated notifying you of a pending ACH withdrawal and detailing the calculation of your payment by employee and class code.

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A. Can I pay my workers' compensation audits on the EZPayIns payment plan?

No, because audit premiums are invoiced by insurance companies after your workers' compensation policies expire. These amounts will be invoiced to you directly and must be paid separately. Likewise, any audit credits will be returned directly to you from your workers' compensation insurance company. However, if your employees are properly classified and your payroll amounts are accurate when you report EZPayIns payrolls each pay period, your audit premium should be minimal when your policy expires and your EZPayIns pay plan ends.

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A. What happens if my policy premium is updated following an audit of my payrolls?

The EZPayIns pay plans offer the option for most policy changes during the year to be allocated over the remaining months of the policy and paid with remaining pay period premium payments. However, do not ignore additional premium invoices received from your insurance company. Contact your independent agent to confirm whether these can be incorporated into your EZPayIns pay plan.

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A. What happens if I have insufficient funds in my bank account when my premium withdrawal is processed?

You will receive an automated email notice of the non-sufficient funds (NSF) withdrawal failure. InsureLinx will make one additional attempt to withdraw your premium payment the following day. If a second NSF notice is received and funds are still not available, your insurance company will be notified. Your insurance company will immediately issue a cancellation notice for non-payment of premium.

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A. What happens if I receive a cancellation notice from my insurance company for nonpayment due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) in my bank account?

Whenever a legal notice for non-payment is issued, insurance companies can choose whether or not they will reinstate your workers' compensation policy even after receiving the outstanding premium. Many companies that do offer reinstatement will not allow employers to continue on the EZPayIns pay-as-you-go bill plan and will force them back into an estimated premium installment plan or an estimated annual payment.

For these reasons, it is imperative to maintain sufficient funds in your premium payment bank account to cover your EZPayIns withdrawals every pay period. Don't risk losing all the benefits of the EZPayIns payment plan.

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A. How do I know if my payroll service is approved for transmitting data to the EZPayIns program?

A list of certified payroll services is available via the link Find InsureLinx Certified Payroll Services on the www.EZPayIns.com home page. You may search by your payroll service name, telephone number, or zip code to confirm their Renaissance EZPayIns participation. If your payroll service is not listed, you can request InsureLinx to contact them to begin the certification process. An InsureLinx representative will contact your payroll service to offer the opportunity to become InsureLinx certified within one business day of your request. If your payroll service chooses not to become InsureLinx certified, you can still participate in the Renaissance EZPayIns program by submitting your payroll data directly through the Renaissance EZPayIns secure online portal. Please Note: ADP and Paychex are not InsureLinx Certified Payroll Providers. However, if you use ADP and Paychex payroll services you can participate in Renaissance EZPayIns by easily and efficiently reporting your payrolls via the Renaissance EZPayIns customer portal.

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A. If I do not use a payroll service, how can I submit my payrolls?

Renaissance EZPayIns and InsureLinx offer a number of options for submitting payroll. These include everything from uploading files from accounting payroll software or in-house general ledgers to actually entering payroll data directly in the EZPayIns secure portal. Entering your first payroll takes a few minutes. However, after the first payroll is processed, subsequent payroll reporting is easy, user friendly, and efficient.

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A. How do I set up the class codes for each employee in my payroll system?

An InsureLinx/Renaissance EZPayIns representative will assist you in the proper procedures for reporting all employees on your payroll with their appropriate workers' compensation class codes. If you employ a payroll service, your payroll service representative can assist and instruct you how to enter each employee's workers' compensation class code.

You can obtain employee class codes from a copy of your most recent workers' compensation audit worksheets received from your auditor or directly from the insurance company that issued your prior year's policy.

If you need assistance or have additional questions regarding the proper classification of any employees, please contact your Renaissance EZPayIns independent insurance agent for further assistance. If you cannot reach your insurance agent and your payroll requires immediate processing, call the EZPayIns toll free Customer Service number 1-888-EZPayIns (1-888-397-2946)

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A. What happens if I have difficulty transmitting or uploading my payroll data to InsureLinx?

Call the EZPayIns Customer Service Center toll free at 1-888-EZPayIns (1-888-397-2946) for assistance.

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A. How will I know my payroll data has been accurately reported?

If you employ a payroll service, the detail of employee payroll pay per pay period will be captured on your payroll reports. You will receive an automated email notification containing all the data required to verify the accuracy of your reporting prior to the ACH premium withdrawal following each pay period. If you do not employ a payroll service and you upload your payroll data via the EZPayIns portal, you will also have access to all your reported data and premium calculations at any time by signing into your account in the portal.

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A. What happens if I have no payroll to report due to plant or business shutdown periods?

If your business has no payroll to report for any given payroll period due to seasonal slowdowns in workload or scheduled plant or business closings during a payroll period, you are required to sign into your account in the Renaissance EZPayIns portal and record the reasons why you have no payroll to report. You must do this for every payroll pay period. If you do not report payrolls for two consecutive pay periods, call your Renaissance EZPayIns member independent insurance agency to advise them and provide an estimated time frame in which you will resume paying your employees.

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A. Once I process my payroll each pay period what else do I need to do?

If you process your payrolls in-house or you employ a payroll service not certified by InsureLinx/ EZPayIns you will transmit a copy of your payroll data via the EZPayIns customer portal www.EZPayins.com to InsureLinx immediately upon completing your payroll processing.

If you process your payrolls through a payroll service certified by InsureLinx/EZPayIns, you have nothing else to do. Your payroll service will transmit your payroll data to InsureLinx.

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